23 May 2020 - We are currently operating at a 7-10 day turnaround time.

35mm Slide Scanning and Negative Scanning Free Trial

We have always been so confident in the fact that you will be amazed by the results we achieve, so much so that we were the first to offer a free trial.

A recent study into our sales figures illustrated that a staggering 92% of customers who made use of our free trial went on to become a paying client!

How does it work?

Simple Really!  All you need to do is send us 4 of your 35mm Slides or Negatives. We would recommend that you select 2 of your better ones and 2 of your poorer ones. Why?....

Well, we perform two scans on each slide or negative. Firstly we perform our standard service on each and then our delux service also. This will enable you to choose between the two services. If your slides are in an overall poor condition then you will be amazed by the results of the delux service.

For example the images to the right are the same, believe it or not! The first was a result of a standard scan and the second has been subject to our images manipulation service.

The results are all emailed to you (so please include an email address) at a reduced size for faster download speed.

Please note that the slides are only returned via standard 1st class mail and we cannot be held liable for loss.

To take part in our free trial please send us your slides to the following address:

Slides on DVD
44 Manor Rd

Please be sure to give us a return postage address for your slides and an email address for the results.

Receive a CD for £2.00

If you would rather have your free trial images on a CD please enclose a cheque (payable to Infocus Photography) for £2.00 to cover the cost!  

Finally we have recently had many free trials with underpaid postage. Please note that generally 4 slides in an envelope are larger than a Standard Letter under the new Royal Mail terms, it is best to check postage at a post office!



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