23 May 2020 - We are currently operating at a 7-10 day turnaround time.

Photograph Scanning Service

Photograph scanning is a great way of preserving those old family snaps and photo albums. It’s a sad fact that many of our ancestors early photography efforts will be lost for ever if they are not taken care of.

At Slides on DVD we only have one price when it comes to our photograph scanning services.  That price is 75p per photograph. That is irrespective of it’s size.

We scan photographs at 1200 dpi. On a photograph of 8x10 this makes a massive file.

Again the images will be presented on a CD (or series of CD’s) in JPEG format.

If you want to make a DVD slideshow of your images for playback on the TV we are able to do these for you at a cost of £10. Please visit our DVD Slideshow page for more information.

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