23 May 2020 - We are currently operating at a 7-10 day turnaround time.

35mm Slide Scanning to DVD or CD

Here at Slides on DVD we aim to make the whole Scanning process as easy and painless as possible. You’ve already done the hard part, that was finding us!

We don’t over complicate things so we have two prices for both our 35mm Slide and 35mm Negative scanning services. They are as follows-

  • 30p Per Image - Standard Service
  • 60p Per Image - Delux Service

Our standard service suits the majority of our customers.  We give your slides a dust with compressed air to remove any dust that could cause spotting on your digital image and scan your images at 3200 dpi using Digital Ice dist reduction.  The image that our Nikon designated slide scanner produces is the image you receive.  

Under our delux service however we really clean your slides as much as we safely can to remove any dirt, fingerprints or mould. Once the image has been produced we then manipulate to improve it, if possible. In some cases your images may be very dark or have marks. Where possible we will brighten these and remove marks if it is safe to do so.

The delux service is really designed for those who have "glass fronted" slides on those who have slides which have been stored in a damp of dusty environment.


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