23 May 2020 - We are currently operating at a 7-10 day turnaround time.

Can I send film negatives?
Yes, of course. But they must be in strips or on rolls.

Can I send black and white slides or negatives?
No problem at all. However if sending negatives they must be in strips or on rolls.

I’m not sure about how my slides will turn out?
No problem. If you send us a free trial order we will gladly scan it for you and email you the images. We will scan twice giving both the standard and delux service.  You will then be able to see the difference between the two.  For more details on our free trial please click here.

I also have images in 120 film format can you help?
Of course. Our high tech scanners can accept most types of negatives and slides.

Can you also scan photo prints?
We sure can. The price for each single scan is higher than that of slides due to the length of time it takes per scan. The price is currently 75p per scan.  For more information on this click here.

How long does the process take?
We always aim to have your slides and CD / DVD with you within 14 days. However when you order photo prints this takes slightly longer!

Do I have to remove my slides from the mounts?
Not at all. Simply send them as they are. Unless the slides have thick glass mounts we scan with the mount in place anyway.

What is a Memory Card?
A memory card is a small disk which stores data. You simply buy one of these from us and we supply your images on it in addition to a DVD. If you are planning on sending your images to relatives overseas this is a good option as they weigh less that 50g and are only an inch square or less.

How do I know my material will be safe?
In short, we take immense care with your memories and insist that you send them to us using Royal Mail Special Delivery. We will happily send everything back to you using the same method if selected on your order form.  

I have a gift voucher, how do they work?
Simple really.  Just complete the order form as usual and in the comments box at the bottom state that you are redeeming your voucher and deduct the value from the total order.  Remember to include the original voucher with your order.  Also please remember that gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue only.

Will my CD work on all computers?
Indeed yes it will. Should you have any problem contact us and we will send you another disk!

Will my DVD work on all region machines?
Our DVD’s carry No Region information and will play in any compatible DVD player in any country. Note that for DVDs to play correctly in USA or Canada you need an NTSC DVD.

Will my images be handled in a confidential manner?
Yes of course. Only two people will ever view your images and they are only stored on file for a limited time after completion. We will never share your images with any third party or use them for marketing purposes.

My Question is not listed here, what now?
Please email us your question and we will answer you within 12 hours.



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