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9 November 2016 - Christmas is Coming The Geese are Getting Fat

I know it's only early November but I was shopping in Milton Keynes at the weekend and all I could hear over all of the shops sound systems were Christmas songs.

Is it me, or is the frenetic build up starting earlier and earlier each year?  Can you imagine working in one of the retail stores and listening to Wham singing Last Christmas 15 times every day?  

In our Studio we don't listen to Christmas songs in November.  Our DAB is strictly locked onto Radio X to keep us entertained whilst we scan your 35mm slide collections.  We have noticed a distinct increase in orders arriving on our doorstep over recent days.  So perhaps it's not just the High Street shops that have already turned their attention to Christmas!

We have begrudgingly joined in with the build up by adding a Christmas page to our website this morning.  Only 46 more sleeps!!!!!!


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